Sip Hip Hooray! It's our birthday! 🎉 

As we enter into our 10th year, with our marketplace growing every day, both online and at our new flagship store, we are so grateful to all of our loyal customers and friends we have made along the way. ⁠ ⁠ In honor of our anniversary, we thought that we would share more about our founder! ⁠ 

After designing wedding invitations for several friends, owner Meagan quickly fell in love with the joy and nuance of elevating events through design and customization. The options for high-end printed⁠ invitations and party goods left her wanting more, so in 2011, Meagan officially launched Sip Hip⁠ Hooray, bringing her vision for couture-designed, personalized, and bespoke party favors to life!⁠ ⁠

Today, Meagan leads a growing team of passionate artists and designers who make every⁠ touchpoint of your event feel special, tailored, and memorable for you and your guests. Sip Hip⁠ Hooray now offers a full-suite of customizable party and event essentials, personalized stationery and invitations, as well as a curated⁠ selection of luxury party and gifting goods to commemorate life’s milestones.⁠ ⁠

A world traveler and native Texan, Meagan brings her unique blend of southern hospitality and⁠ refined taste to everything at Sip Hip Hooray. She lives in Tomball with her business partner⁠ and husband, Luke. Together, they have two sons, Maverick and Stratton, and two⁠ golden retrievers, Rye Winston and Benjamin Banks.